Gosseyn, post-rock under influences, to listen with feet and ears, music from the east and west of center brittany.
Eclectic compositions with an electric combo. Inspirations from the 70's, Bulgaria, surf, John Zorn. You will hear distorsions, an analog synth, Batman, a low C, and some improv, or not.

If you like music from the Balkans, Jazz, Rock, or psychedelic, stay with us! The lads from center Brittany will give you a very good taste, it will turn for long time in your player.

Line up:
Violin: Jean-denis Moreau (Kreizh Breiz Akademi, Ars Nevez)
Bouzouki/Guitar: Joachim Mouflin (Txutxukan, Pas d'nom, pas d'maison, Meskach)
Bass: Kevin Gravier(Mr Roux, Geoffrey Oriema, Framix)
Drums: Yves-marie Berthou (Yog Sottoth, Gypsy Burek Orchestar, Slonovski bal)