Our boutique (CDs/MP3s/Concerts) is non profit, you can simply Donate (with consciousness ;-) ) using the form under or through this link:

Here is a rough idea of what kind of donation is fair to musicians:
If you have "small budget" (doll/street musicien/etc) :
- Album MP3: 1euro
- All albums in MP3: 5euros
- Album by post: 12euros
- 3 Albums: 25euros
- Concert (per musician) : 100 (please ask for a quote)

If you want to "Support art / creation / artists"
- Album MP3: 10euro
- All albums, MP3: 40euros
- Album by post: 22euros
- 3 Albums: 45euros
- Concert (per musician) : 400 (please ask for a quote)