Żetadâm Trio - Reincarnated traditions

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Żetadâm Trio was born to tell sensitive stories in a personal musical language. This performance opens one of the many doors to human emotions, through the complicity of three talented musicians. Six hands, six ears, three open hearts, melodies from their souls, an obvious crossbreeding. Their appetite for senses has led their way in dusty nomad processions, Anatolian fields, Bulgarian villages, or Festivals in Brazil. They come to seed this evasion's sensual rumor in your ears...

Joseph Detailleur (Accordion)
Dylan Gully (Clarinet)
Pauline Willerval (Gadulka)

Joseph Detailleur and Dylan Gully met in 2005, they worked Balkan music and composition whithin the band Txütxükan, with which they did more than 150 performances and released 2 albums. Pauline Willerval and Dylan Gully participated toguether in several projects including Tarab Med' ensemble in which they worked mediterranean repertoires with musicians from Morocco, Tunisia, Libanon, Turquey; directed by Moroccan oud player Kamal LMimouni.

Żetadâm Trio is an new project initiated in the last two years, resulting of those meetings, and especially through a common participation in tours and concerts within the Balkan/Gypsy music collective “Pas d'Nom Pas d'Maison” in Nantes. They enjoy playing and creating together and decided early 2012 to set up the Żetadâm Trio. They did a creation residency in August 2012 in Brittany, and another residency in January 2013 in Istanbul followed by 3 concerts.

Joseph Detailleur starts to play guitar at 8. Self taught, he then decides to play accordion, which becomes his main instrument at the age of 22. He has a passion for traditional musics and musics related to danses, the ones from Roumania, Bulgaria - Balkan countries in general – France, or Brasil and especially Forro.
He learns and play those musics along many trips and whithin bands like : Txütxükan, Ralush Balush, Zetadam Trio, Pas d'Nom Pas d'Maison, La piste à Dansoir.

Pauline Willerval plays gadulka, a Bulgarian instrument with à sympathetic strings. After classical and jazz courses in Lille conservatory, she stayed in Bulgaria and started learning gadulka in Plovdiv, with Nikolay Paskalev. Now based in Istanbul, she develops her skills playing other traditional repertoires (Turkey, Black Sea, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Greece, Brazil ..) as well as modern Western repertoires (Berio, Bartok) and improvisation .
She works also in quartet with An Quartett (Gurvan Le Gac flute, percussions Gaetan Samson, Florian Baron oud), in duet with Ufuk Simsek (kaval), Ruben Tenenbaum (Violin) , Eleonore Fourniau (hurdy-gurdy).

Dylan Gully was born in Britanny. Gold medal in clarinet in Lille Conservatory in 2005, he feeds his music with trips and collaborations. He participated for 10 years in many cross- cultural projects, merging Irish, Balkan, jazz, or Mediterranean music. He has toured with bands like Tarab Med (Music mediterranean basin) Txütxükan, Lazik (Fusion Ireland - Balkans), Trasna, and Convergence Ensemble (World Music).
His work focuses on the fusion of cultures and the emotional interaction through music, including the practice of composition and improvisation within stories, short films, concerts and comedy improvisation. He develops a unique way of playing, rich in influences.