Hairy Plastics

Hairy Plastics is the provisional name for a new 3-piece band coming together to share their journey, a unique alchemy of sounds, compositions and songs, rooted in the earth of traditions, growing or flying into transes, resonances, a journey among cultures, a journey within.

Oud/Guitar/Vocals: Florian Baron
Clarinet/Vocals: Dylan Gully
Percussions/Vocals: Nathan Leforestier

"On the beach we found this piece of incongruous plastic, like a shade, or a crab trap that was covered with small shells and on which grew small sea weed, such as hair ... this scalp is a symbol of resilience, the ability of life to cling and compost even the worst crap. Maybe it's also what we can do through music, through live music, maybe we can use sounds, languages, traditional or artificial cultures to compose our emotions, to mix all that in a great outburst of vitality which would yield by chance, or by the incalculable rules of the marine currents, fragments scattered with memories to be treated."