Żetadâm Trio - Reincarnated traditions

Żetadâm Trio was born to tell sensitive stories in a personal musical language. This performance opens one of the many doors to human emotions, through the complicity of three talented musicians. Six hands, six ears, three open hearts, melodies from their souls, an obvious crossbreeding. Their appetite for senses has led their way in dusty nomad processions, Anatolian fields, Bulgarian villages, or Festivals in Brazil. They come to seed this evasion's sensual rumor in your ears...

Trio Zetadam - Banner

Za Ucha - Balkan rock

Based in France, Za Ucha is a spicy project instigated in 2010 by a bunch of crazy musicians who share a love for flamboyant Balkan music. Together they explore the twists and bends of Balkan, Klezmer and Gypsy music, fusing traditional dances and modern sounds, to bring out pulsing rhythms, mesmerising improv and eclectic melodies.

They have been working on a balkan rock sound in recent years and are making a new step in this direction by integrating a modular synth player in the band.

No name No house - Gypsy & Balkan music collective

The French band "Pas d’nom pas d’maison" ("No name No house") is a collective of musicians playing a repertoire of Gypsy songs and music from the Balkanic Peninsula (Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia ...), mixed with their various musical influences and complemented by a lot of energy.

From 7 to 25 musicians, playing songs, upbeat tunes, or ballads for weddings, venues or festivals, each concert is a unique and joyful experience.

Soon the launch of their 4th Album, and the 15th years tour !

Meskach - Irish Balkan journey

Meskach trio, a journey beyond borders, an exploration of european cultures, between Ireland, Bulgaria, Asturias, Holland, Turkey.... close your eyes and open your ears !
Meskach sometimes plays acoustic and intimate, sometimes experiments with amps and multiFx developping a unique identity!

Lazik - Euro Trad Fusion

Lazik fuses Balkan, Gypsy and Klezmer music with melodies of the west: Irish, Breton and Scottish music. Lazik brings you a night of shimmering bellydance rhythms, wild dance tunes, Bulgarian upbeat mix, eastern dramatic and irish lightness.

Lazik is a reflection of the beautiful cultural melting pot that Cork has become. They started out as a group of session musicians, where they discovered they couldn't resist wandering off the didly-eye path of the standard Cork session repertoire.

Gosseyn - Post Rock under influences

Gosseyn, post-rock under influences, to listen with feet and ears, music from the east and west of center brittany.
Eclectic compositions with an electric combo. Inspirations from the 70's, Bulgaria, surf, John Zorn. You will hear distorsions, an analog synth, Batman, a low C, and some improv, or not.

If you like music from the Balkans, Jazz, Rock, or psychedelic, stay with us! The lads from center Brittany will give you a very good taste, it will turn for long time in your player.

Ebony Bridge - Clarinet meets Irish music

Ebony Bridge is a new quartet presenting original music rooted in the traditions of Irish culture. The Breton orgnisation "Paotred an Dreujenn Goal" (Friends of clarinet) wanted to make this challenge: find or found an Irish music band with clarinet for their next International gathering of trad clarinet in Brittany, (Rencontres internationales de la clarinette populaire), to build the BRIDGE between clarinet and irish music!

Ebony Bridge - Dylan Gully - Martin Tourish - Stella Rodrigues - Matt Griffin