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Now based in Brittany, SAMASA celebrates cultural diversity, promoting events and acts fusing traditions from various areas of the world. Samasa has organised events, tours, in various venues and festivals Ireland, France, Germany for the last 10 years and is today becoming a label ! Original music and sound, virtuosity, rooted in various traditions of the world, and specially europeans: from Ireland to the balkans.

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Top56: Crowdfunding for the 5th Album of "Pas d'nom Pas d'maison"

15 years ago Pas d'nom Pas d'maison ("No House No Name") was born....! It is time now for the launch of their 5th Album and a big tour in 2018 to celebrate the 15th birthday of the band !
Recorded in february, mixed over the spring and summer, the album should be out by the winter. In the mean time you can participate in our crowdfunding in Ulule (the link will be out soon)

If you are interested to have the band part of the 15th birthday tour, please let us know !!

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!! Website Maintenance !!
The website was recently hacked. We will put the pages back as soon as possible.
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Surf The River Lee (Txütxükan, 2013)

Surf The River Lee, Txütxükan (2013)
Balkan World Fusion

Txütxükan has soaked up various music to compose its own diverse fusion of high-octane, up beat, and at times melancholic, music inspired mainly by Gypsy and Balkan cultures, while also permeated by various other influences ranging from folk to jazz.

Price: 15€